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The Quest Program

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Program overview

Although it might sound like the most daunting of our services, The Quest Programme for Gay Men forms the centrepiece of our work.

“The Quest Programme is a transforming voyage of Self rediscovery, reconnection, realignment and reignition”
– Ade Adeniji, Co-Founder

“We call this an ‘intervention’. A way of pressing a ‘reset’ button for our lives”
– Darren Brady, Co-Founder

What is it?

The Quest Program is a psycho-educational and experiential process that allows participants to create a life they wholeheartedly love.

A team of professional Group Facilitators  and certified Coaches take participants on an exhilarating and life changing journey that is intense, revealing, nurturing and profound.

The Quest Program, organised in groups of up to 16 gay men, draws upon the latest evidence based practices including – self-inquiry, discussions in pairs/triads, small and large groups, sharing memories, psychological exploration, mindfulness, book work, journaling, coaching, self reflection and contributions from practitioners including Brené Brown, Alan Downs and David Richo.


During the process, participants get to grieve the past, release thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving them, and practice new behaviours and beliefs that move them forward to living a life of fulfillment, connection and authentic self expression.

We go to the heart of the matter by posing the question:

“How is our past negatively impacting our present and jeopardising our future?”

Reflections from past participants

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