Speaking from the ‘I’

‘My Story’ is an ongoing series featuring previous participants of The Quest Programme.

Here are some of the ways participants have described the experience:

“It felt like my third coming out. After coming out of the closet, then out of the HIV closest and finally and powerfully coming out of the closest I had made for myself in which I was suffocating. Thank you guys!” – Paul

“As someone who had become disheartened by the commercial gay scene I was impressed with the workshop and the way it reminded me that gay men have a depth of experience, an integrity and a nobility that is second to none.” – Ian

“I was unsure about The Quest. I left exhausted, drained and enlightened. Mind opening, fun, hard, fascinating. Thank you” – Phil

“ A life changing experience, one that I will not be forgetting anytime soon. Thank you all, honestly THANK YOU! – Dwayne

“I finally met myself” – Ahmed

“An amazing opportunity to explore myself in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment. A gift given with love.” – Tobias

“This has been an extraordinary experience. To be in company with a group of beautiful gay men – for however “flawed” we may think we are – we are in fact extraordinary men. Wonderful! Thank you facilitators! – Chris


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More stories coming soon……..