Workshop: Getting clear on Sex, Longing and Intimacy

Posted on December 1, 2016 by The Quest

This interactive, fun and engaging one-day session delves into the issue of Sex, Longing and Intimacy, explores how they interact, along with how you relate and respond to them.

We will investigate some of the underlying beliefs that drive your behaviour and look at the habits and patterns that get in the way of you identifying and expressing your wants/needs/desires.

When: Event now expired

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Do you…….

  • find yourself repeating certain patterns when it comes to seeking love
  • find that you make certain sacrifices when it comes to love and connection
  • find that you still mistaken your longing for connection as a longing for sex
  • want to cultivate emotionally healtier relationships
  • want to be able to express your authentic needs when it comes to connection

…….. then this session is for you!!

The intention of the day is to help you to cultivate and practice the insights and tools to embody living a life of passion, connection and love.

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