Voracious appetite

Posted on November 7, 2012 by The Quest

I have often wondered how certain people manage to achieve so much. I have observed the rise of personalities who seem to be able to create and produce so many things in such short periods of time and I have gasped in admiration wondering ‘how did they do all that?

As our weekend event- Gay Utopia – arrived and happened and an answer to that question started to emerge.

Along with Ade, I found myself as co-founder literally shaking with energy and adrenaline. Several people commented on how my hands were trembling throughout the day.

Was it nerves? No!

It was energy, excitement and alert attention.

I was waking at 4.30 am and I was finding it hard to sleep at the end of the day. My energy was on the rampage and rarely flagged.

Now this is quite some turn of events as I am no stranger to afternoon naps and early nights. Some days I cling onto the next cup of coffee hoping it will get me through. But here I was, spinning many plates, greeting people, directing and communicating while not feel an ounce of fatigue. How was that possible?

Firstly I think it was the consequences of ideas meeting reality. This was really happening. All our thoughts and visions were actually happening before our eyes. The actualisation of making thoughts into realities is one hell of a high. It reminds us of our power to create and that is such a rush!

Not only is it energising but it also creates more opportunities, ideas and momentum. Throughout the day I could see more and felt capable of more. I had a voracious appetite. At one point someone asked me- “What are you on?”

Suddenly it made sense that those people I had observed and admired as being so vital and productive were riding on the same vibrant energy that I was experiencing. It is the energy that is available to all of us when we step fully into our power.

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