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Posted on May 27, 2014 by The Quest

Ian McCurrach talks to Peter Collins about his experience of marching in London Pride

IM: Peter, I have never taken part in London Pride before, so what would you say to me, or others who have no previous experience about what they might expect to find?

PC: London Pride is an extraordinary event, especially if you’ve not taken part before. For me it’s an outright celebration of being gay from across the community, with a huge variety of expressions and identities of what it means to be gay to thousands individuals and hundreds of groups. It’s also a fantastic and colourful extravaganza, a real sight to behold, and a unique way to meet and party with people you’d never come across anywhere else. But London Pride also goes beyond being a celebration and for many is an important statement to London, the nation, the media and the government that we are here, we are here to stay and we are a force to be reckoned with.

IM: Is it something that is just fun and uplifting or does it have a very serious side?2013 PridePC: London Pride embraces the full spectrum. You can come to party and revel in the fun and joy of fully expressing yourself as a gay man in the public eye. You can come and watch a fascinating, colourful and wonderful procession through the streets of London.

You can join any of the multitude of diverse groups and play your part in furthering the message of the cause you are passionate about. For the first time The Quest will be gathering and processing together under own banner, we even have branded t-shirts to wear this year. Whatever your motivation it’s a momentous event and is not to be missed.

IM: Do you think that given the current political climate it is more important than ever to take part and why?

PC: It would be very tempting to think that the issue of gay rights is a done deal, especially now that we have marriage equality. But as can be seen in other countries across the world, even in the US, it’s all too easy for the political climate to radically change. I could hardly have dreamt that the gay community in the UK would have the freedoms and rights we enjoy today. But this equality was hard fought for by committed activists who risked everything to open up this space for us. We must keep making our presence felt and remind the world and the political powers that there is still a long way to go before society genuinely embraces the gay community.

For further information on the weeklong London Pride activities click here

Pride In London

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