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The Two Way

The Two WayIan McCurrach talks to Peter Collins

The Quest Mastery Workshop vs The Power of Seven

IM: What did you get out of The Quest Mastery?

PC: I discovered an issue of unforgiveness for someone from my past that triggered a deep emotional release from something that I thought I’d settled many years ago. This has resulted in a greater sense of peace and an ability to focus on the things I say I really want. I also came away with a very clear sense of purpose and vision for the next ten years of my life, which has motivated me to act more decisively and procrastinate less.

IM: What did you get out of The Power of Seven?

PC: The Power of 7 has fundamentally altered the course my life was taking. The long term support and accountability over a full year provided the motivation to make significant changes to my behaviour by breaking old patterns and integrating the insights and breakthroughs of the Quest into my everyday life. I was able to press through the feelings of loneliness that I had been avoiding for many years by distracting myself with date apps and hook ups. Prompted by one of my group I started to focus on ‘who I was being’ rather than what I wanted from a potential partner. This led to a profound shift in my outlook on relationships, and opened the door to meeting my soul mate, who I will be marrying in a few weeks time.

IM: How do they differ?

PC: In my mind the two programmes met a completely different need and fulfilled very different purposes. The intensity of the Mastery for a concentrated period over a weekend enabled me to connect with some deep emotions that were blocking my aliveness and ability to be myself. The familiarity of the environment, the skill of the facilitators, and my willingness to trust the process enabled me to quickly connect with the others in the group, and to allow myself a depth of emotional release I’ve not experienced before.

In contrast the very fact that the Power of 7 provided a sustained framework of support and accountability over a year, enabled me to focus more on recognising old patterns and developing new habits. Looking back, I made greater progress in the last year than at any other time in my life. Before long the group were starting to notice my avoidance tactics and to see inconsistencies in what I said I wanted, versus my actions. This depth of relationship enabled each of us to share more of our vulnerabilities and to make real and genuine progress toward our longer term objectives.

IM: What are the benefits of doing both?

PC: Because the two programmes are very different in style, structure, duration and intent, and because I experienced completely different results from each, I would recommend both for the reasons I’ve shared. We have all wasted too much of our lives being held back by unresolved pain from the past and distracting ourselves from the things that really matter to us in our lives. The Quest Exploration Weekend was a powerful start to a journey of genuine authenticity and freedom of self expression. Why wait to take the next steps of the journey that has already delivered such life-changing benefits to us all?

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