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 Ian McCurrach talks to Shaun de Wet Steyn about his experience of The Daring Way™ workshop.

Ian McCurrach: What drove you to enrol on The Daring Way™ workshop? What did you expect, and in what ways did you hope you would benefit?

Shaun de Wet Steyn: I’m a bit of a self-confessed Brené Brown groupie (there are a few of us around), having watched her TED talks a dozen times and read Daring Greatly.

From a content perspective, her work really struck a chord with me, leading to many ‘aha’ moments. And I find her a phenomenal communicator, using intelligence, humour and warmth to amazing effect. So it felt very natural to want to take my experience of her research to the next stage and that is what attending The Daring Way™ workshop offered me: a group, experiential setting to reflect, share and listen to other humans wanting to dig deeper into what gets in the way from us living fulfilled lives and developing and maintaining rewarding relationships.

7e13f6db-2656-4179-8b64-ad3ea211d70eIn terms of expectations, I really wanted to experience the magic that can be created when strangers find the courage to share their own struggles with one another – magic that I had experienced for myself, during The Quest weekend workshop in June 2014. The Daring Way™ workshop did not disappoint.

Ian: The workshop sounds deeply challenging. In what ways? How did the outcome match your expectation and how was it for you working in a mixed, and not exclusively gay workshop group?

Shaun: The Daring Way™ workshop was challenging, yes, just as The Quest weekend workshop was too – but I would have asked for a refund if it hadn’t been! The Quest weekend workshop delves deep into the past, focusing on our upbringing as gay kids learning to be different in a straight world, and for many, this can be quite traumatic (speaking from the I, it was for me).

The Daring Way™ workshop is more future focused and provides insight into the techniques that we use as shields of armour, a number of them subconsciously, that can often get in the way of us leading the life we want for ourselves.

Such was the skill of the facilitators in creating a safe environment that encouraged and respected disclosure, by the end of the final day amazingly deep connections had been formed. Everyone had dug deep and been brutally honest with themselves and shared candid insights and reflections that will stay with me for a very long time. Such bravery from everyone – the stuff of goosebumps.

I did have a slight concern going into the workshop that having a mixed set of participants (LGBT and straight) might take some of the shine off the experience. In fact, quite the opposite was true and I gained so much from being part of a diverse group of wonderful humans share their story.

Ian: Since competing the workshop in what ways has it changed things for you? And what would you say to anyone who is reading this and considering enrolling?

Shaun: I’m so glad I attended The Daring Way™ workshop – it was truly an amazing, inspirational experience. Over the past six months I’ve been developing a far greater sense of self-compassion and acceptance and the workshop has contributed to this enormously. I’ve also formed new friendships that have special status, due to the nature of what we’ve experienced together during the weekend. From a content perspective, it aligns perfectly with The Quest weekend workshop and serves as a great follow-up – there was no sense of ‘I’ve done this bit already” from me.

In Darren, Ade and Ernesto you can safely place your trust – these are skilful facilitators who understand how to tap into group dynamics for the benefit of all. It’s not often that I say the words “I recommend this course without hesitation” but for The Daring Way™ workshop – absobloodylutely.

For more details about The Daring Way™ and upcoming workshops, click here.

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