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Ian McCurrach talks to Darren Brady (Co-Founder of The Quest and The Daring Way™ Certified Facilitator-Candidate) about The Daring Way™ workshop

Ian: Can you tell me what The Daring Way™ is all about?

Darren: The Daring Way™ is the way in which Brené Brown translated the findings of her research and the content of her book “Daring Greatly” into an experiential workshop.

The workshop explores what it takes to ‘Show up, Be seen and Live Brave’ in the world. The premise is that we can live our fullest life when we move beyond fear and shame and learn how to navigate the negative inner dialogue that keeps us small. The workshop develops our ability for self-compassion and empathy as we identify what brings us joy, passion and fulfillment. It is very much an examination of where we are today and where we want to get to tomorrow. It is interactive, creative, educational and pioneering. Similarly to The Quest, this workshop takes place over a Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday daytime. 

Brene 2Ian: How does it vary/lead on from work undertaken in the The Quest Workshop?

Darren: The Daring Way™ compliments The Quest workshop brilliantly. It zooms into a chosen area of our life (relationships, family, career, purpose, health, creativity) and allows us to finely examine the challenges and possibilities available to us. Unlike The Quest Workshop, which explores the past, this workshop is very much focused on the present and future. It enables us to deepen our understanding of shame, vulnerability, courage and authenticity. It is a full program that has similar ingredients to The Quest. There is whole group work, smaller Hub discussions, creative elements, video content from Brené, educational content and playful exercises.

Ian: How can it change the life of a participant?

Darren: The Daring Way™ enables participants to step into a bigger, richer, daring life. It increases our personal awareness and encourages us to do the things we have been putting off or withdrawing from. It is a powerful experience that starts to make our dreams into everyday experiences. It supports us in the often scary process of being the person we have always wanted to be. It elevates our relationship with ourselves, others and the life we choose to create.

For further information and booking details of The Daring Way™ workshop in London visit

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