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The Two Way


Ian McCurrach talks to Darren Brady about his experience attending The Daring Way™ program, which is based on the research of Brené Brown.

IAN: Darren, you have recently returned from Texas where you were with Brené Brown, can you tell us what the course is about?

DARREN: The Daring Way™ is an intensive workshop about shame, vulnerability and living a wholehearted life. Brené invited us to train to deliver these workshops. So we have been surrounded by therapists, coaches and practitioners learning and sharing.

IAN: How will this training benefit or fit into what you do with The Quest?

DARREN: This training adds rocket fuel to our rocket! It utilizes research-based tools that will enable us to zone in on the subject of Shame. We will be running Daring Way™ workshops for gay men through The Quest later this year.

IAN: As you return, what is going through your mind?

DARREN: That, as practitioners, we are up there with the best and what we offer is world class. Even Brené referenced ‘The Quest’ when she talked at the training. I see us as working together creating an even more powerful platform for our work. And a lasting vision: Ernesto closing the whole training by dancing to Michael Jackson in a Quest T-shirt in front of Brené and 140 participants!

It brought proud tears to my eyes!!!

Click here to read more about Darren’s reflection on The Daring Way™ in his recent conflab with Ade.


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