The Weekend Exploration – March 2012 Workshop

Posted on February 17, 2012 by Ade

The emerging community of gay men who have been on the Exploration Workshop continues to grow.

The Workshop, inspired by ‘The Velvet Rage‘ (Alan Downs) will be running for the 4th time next month. It feels just like yesterday (June 2011) that we ran the first workshop. The initial workshop ran over a 6-week period in the evenings, in the upper lounge space of Barcode in Vaxhaull, with a group of 10 gay men; we have since changed location and the format of the sessions.

Since October 2011, the sessions now run as a weekend, with the aim of creating a space where participants can go deeper with the issues being brought to the exploration.

We never saw the workshop as a ‘quick fix’ to the lives of the people coming on the exploration. For those coming, it can be a challenging and insightful journey, full of the whole range of emotions. At the end of which, they get a  glimpse of the authentic version of themselves that they would like to take into their day-today life. And whilst it is indeed possible to embed that glimpse into day-to-day living, everyone in their own way comes to understand that it takes commitment and courage to stay true to the intentions set at the end of the weekend. This is where the emerging community comes in, for no one person can do it alone. We all need benevolent witnesses who will support and encourage us, when we fall, and celebrate us, when we triumph.

As this new community of gay men continues to unfold, it has been wonderful to see the blossoming of other offerings that have emerged, since that first workshop series last June. A number of the offerings have been initiated by participants who have been on that journey with us – offerings like the performance storytelling, the confidential blog site for previous participants and the ‘First Tuesday socials‘ which is launched on the 6th March.

Darren & myself continue to be committed to this work and are indeed looking forward to the ongoing unfoldment of this emerging community.

For further information of the March Weekend Exploration – click here

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