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The Quest Bitesize

The Quest Bitesize is an evening designed exclusively for The Quest graduates to come together and explore issues relevant to our journey of authenticity, and to learn and discover new things that can facilitate our Quest journey.

The Quest Bitesize is a great opportunity to reconnect with other graduates of The Quest, with a view to reigniting the passion that brought us together.

Although the events will serve as a social occasion to reconnect, it is different to the First Tuesday Socials in the sense that the evenings are designed with ‘content’ in mind and are exclusively for The Quest graduates. Content for the evenings will range from short film screenings, workshop-type activities, speakers to group-led discussions.

The Quest Bitesize is another way that we intend to support you in your journey of self-discovery and authenticity.

Ernesto Moreno, who completed The Quest weekend workshop in December 2012 will be coordinator of The Quest Bitesize activities.