Thank You

Posted on December 31, 2016 by The Quest

This New Year I want to thank everyone who has had any contact with The Quest. Participants, their families, friends, partners and husbands. Thank you because you make up a body of people that have collectively helped shape my life over the last few years.

The work we have undertaken together has changed my understanding, my emotional connection and my sense of purpose when it comes to relationships and Gay men.

I had no idea at the outset how much lay below the surface of my life and of those I came into contact with, but together this has evolved into a rich and eye opening experience. I see things so differently now and as a consequence I have more compassion, empathy and patience.
My depression has lifted as a consequence of this work, my habits altered, my health and fitness improved. I am more open and connected and I am , indeed, more courageous in my life too.

Its confusing, challenging and at times painful to see things this way. It keeps me on my toes, paying attention, asking questions.

Without you I would not be doing all of this. Without the trusting and courageous men who sign up to the program, without the support and interest of others one step removed we would not be moving forward, we would not be committing to the future.

Lets’ stay on this journey together. Informing, supporting and challenging each other as we take one step at a time into the year 2017.

Gratitude and Love,

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