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The Quest Mastery* Workshop

This follow-up Weekend Exploration is intended to build upon the insights and self-awareness cultivated during, and since attending the initial Foundation Workshop.

Whilst the essence of the first Workshop focuses on understanding and healing your past wounds in order to cultivate your most authentic life in the present. The Quest Mastery workshop focuses on how you show up in your life now and helps you build a toolkit to help you authentically navigate where you go from here.

The Quest MasteryOUR APPROACH

The themes explored during this Workshop will include:

  • Understanding how you show up in intimate relationships
  • Breaking free from patterns of behavior that no longer serve you
  • How to authentically walk your talk and
  • Creating your personal map to living a life of vitality and passion

During the Workshop, we will explore the various archetypes that show up in our lives – The Saboteur, The Caretaker, The Trickster, The Child and many more – and get to learn where they support or get in the way of our life journey.


Like the first workshop, this Exploration is held over 2.5 days – Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. The workshop processes also include discussions in small and large groups, storytelling, psychological exploration, book-work, journaling, coaching and self-reflection. There are also pre and post workshop activities.

*The action or process of mastering a subject or skill – i.e. Mastering Your Life

The Quest Mastery*

We asked participants who attended the recent The Quest Mastery workshop about the difference between the two Weekend Workshops. Here are some of the things that they said:

    • The difference is that The Quest Mastery workshop supports me to step into the future that I want for myself. The Foundation for me was about letting go of the past (Jose).
    • I connected much better with The Quest Mastery. I was probably in a better place to accept than I was the year before (David).
    • Deeper, more fun, more strength (Jason).
    • The focus was more on the now and the future. Looks at specific things we can do. So it was more results and action orientated. Similar format, different content (David).
    • More self responsibility, More challenging and More in depth focus (Peter).

And here are some of the words, participants used to describe The Quest Mastery*:

Fun, Honest, Humbling, Powerful, Amazing, Revelatory, Freeing, Enlightening, Mind-Opening, Edging, Helpful, Rewarding, Challenging, Empowering, Authentic, Invigorating, Fascinating

Jason, one of the participants on The Quest Mastery workshop wrote about his experience, click here for his reflections.

The date for the next workshop is Friday 7 March (7pm – 10pm), Saturday 8 March (10am – 6pm) and Sunday 9 March (10am – 5.30pm). You can book your place below.