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During our weekend workshops, we have witnessed the power of storytelling and have experienced how telling our life stories can help deepen our understanding of events and feelings from our past. We also discovered how these stories can help the healing of those listening.

Our stories inspire, move, and encourage us and our listeners on the journey of authenticity.

Performance 1The workshops explore how we develop and harness the potential of our storytelling so that it can be performed publicly.

No experience in performing necessary, but a willingness to be open and being prepared to share is a must.

Aim of The Quest Tell Tales storytelling project:

  • To extend the exploration of the workshops to create powerful public performance events.
  • To create a new level of social activity for Quest graduates
  • To develop and empower us further in our journeying through the Velvet Rage
  • To create a safe, energized and fun space to tell our stories with skill and joy
  • To deepen our perception and understanding of the past and to communicate this to an audience

To tell our truth with greater power, persuasion and passion… on the stage and in everyday life!

Find out more about our most recent storytelling project – The Haunting and The Father+Mother Project. Details of our next project coming soon!

Performance 2

Telling Stories from Little Red Shoes on Vimeo.