The Quest offers a broad range of services that include workshops, 1-1 coaching and a variety of social events, to satisfy all kinds of curiosity.

Whether you are a first time visitor of repeat patron, we are confident that our offering will help you get to the next level in a supportive, unpressurised environment – we are big belivers in slow and steady wins the race

If you don’t know where to start maybe this guide will help you to make sense of our services

The Quest Program »

“I am ready to face my demons, make some changes and better myself”

Although it might sound like the most daunting of our services, the Weekend Exploration workshops are by far the most popular service offered by The Quest and forms the centre piece of our work.

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Coaching »

“I don’t really do group workshops”

– how about 1-1 coaching?

Coaching and personal development is fundamental to what we do, which is why both Darren & Ade are in a unique position to lend their experience to explore, in depth, the issues facing gay men.

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“I want to know more but I am not really sure about attending”book in a SKYPE call with one of our team

“I think I’m interested but I am not sure about the results” – join one our of First Tuesday Socials, meet the team and chat to previous participants who will help you make up your mind about The Quest (over beer or wine of course)

Journeying with The Quest is not intended as a substitute for therapy. In the event that you are currently in therapy, do discuss your attendance of any our programs with your therapist to ensure that this is the right step for you.

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