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Sailing with the Quest…

Leading the Quest workshops feels like setting sail on a journey of self discovery.
As Captains of the ship I see our duty is to –

Navigate choppy waters
Show courage and leadership when the seas get rough
Change course when conditions threaten the ship
Steer clear of rocks
Enjoy sailing when the conditions are favourable
Acknowledge that we will always have a mixed bunch of passengers
Plot a clear passage forwards
Always keep one eye on the horizon
Batten the hatches when we enter a storm
Wear galoshes when it gets wet
Encourage people to get on and off the ship when they need to
Ensure the ship is sea worthy
Have a great crew to ensure the well being of the ship and passengers
Know that land based people will look on the ship with awe, disgust and everything in-between
Discover new and unknown territory
Get lost
Fly the flag proudly

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