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Posted on July 26, 2014 by The Quest

James Glover shares his thoughts about The Quest Beginner’s Yoga Course

“I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the gym, I’m going less and less and not finding any enjoyment in the endless routines.

Some weeks I only go once and others not at all. When I do go it’s half hearted and not beneficial, normally a quick jog, a few weights and the majority of the visit spent having a relaxing steam.

The overall result of my inactivity is that I’ve piled on the pounds and my clothes look a size too small. I knew I needed to find a new way of keeping fit, but nothing inspired me, and as often happens, apathy set in. Then I saw an email from Naveen giving details of a six-week beginners yoga course for Questers. Now, this was a possibility! I knew I would feel comfortable bending the ripples of my belly into embarrassing shapes amongst friends.

Initially I had a thousand reasons why I couldn’t join, it’s in West Hampstead, and I work in Clapham – It’s on a Wednesday, and I normally work late on a Wednesday – and of course, the biggest obstacle of all, I’ve got nothing to wear! This got me thinking: what do gay men of a certain age, wear for yoga? I’ve since learnt that LuLuLemon in Covent Garden has everything a gay man could possible want for yoga! Go visit, if you’ve not been, there are many treats in store for you.

Now back to my story, after some more dithering and eventual shouts of “for goodness sake, just do it” from my ever-encouraging husband, I signed up.

From the start, our teacher, Simon Hoten, created a soft environment that was the perfect remedy after a busy day. The five-minute centring session at the beginning of every class gives us a chance to focus on our breath, become conscious of our bodies and leave the world outside. From here he builds our practice week by week by gradually adding more positions.

I’ve bent my legs in ways I never thought possible and stretch my back further than I thought it could go, and I’m feeling good about it! I may not be loosing the weight I had hoped for, but I am certainly feeling energised and positive.

As I am writing this we have had four classes and every week I am surprised how good I feel after the sessions. As we make our way home I feel a sense of lightness, my stresses have dissolved and I also notice I’m walking tall! What more could I want from a Wednesday evening?”

James Glover

Future sessions are being arranged so if you would like to join us, let Naveen know or email register@thequestawaitsyou.com.

For more information about Simon Hoten, visit his website at www.yoga360.co.uk



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