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Thomas Doogan talks about the recent 3rd birthday bash for The Quest

Don’t you just love it when people feel entertained, have a lot of fun and all for a good cause? Well that’s exactly what happened when we recently celebrated The Quest Third Birthday at The Proud Archivist, which sits canal side in Haggerston.

From the moment I arrived, I could see the effort that has been invested by the party committee, Michael, Neil, Kenni, Rod, Peter and co! They created a special space for us for the celebration. For me it’s seeing this effort that really displays what community means and how everyone’s effort can play a big part in success.

We were met with champagne, always a good friend, and a room so beautifully dressed up and decorated. And were there balloons?? You betcha!

14416376956_3675d5064e_bI was asked to take the role of auctioneer for the day. I had never done this kind of thing before and was nervous. Would I do well? Would I stutter and lose track? Would I make no money from the auction? Luckily Darren was on hand to give advice and mentoring on what to say and do? It was great! I got my target and smashed it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience on the stage and made a good bit of money in the process. Excellent! We raised over £3,500.

Now, it was really important to raise this money as earlier in the afternoon, Darren and Ade advised us all that the recent big lottery-funding request had been declined. This means that The Quest is fully reliant on the fundraising, charity and registration fees from courses that it gathers to keep going. In short, much work is needed here and I for one know how the weekend workshop, the socials, the Power of 7 programme have all significantly helped me accept my shame and grow on a daily basis.

14459691193_00e70d457e_bThe birthday afternoon was just lovely. We all had a lovely afternoon tea, James tinkled with his ivories and there were speeches from Ade and Darren. Ernesto and Francois prepared some amazing videos on the journey of The Quest so far and how the programme changes people’s hearts and minds.

Following the auction, we had disco and chat with everyone to end a great afternoon. Beautiful!

Thomas Doogan

Click here for images from the birthday celebration


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