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The Quest Program for Gay Men (Houston)

Healing our early experiences of being an outsider in a world that rewards sameness and shuns difference

What is it?

The Quest Program for Gay Men is a psycho-educational and experiential process that allows participants to reclaim and reintegrate all aspects of themselves.

A team of professional Group Facilitators  and certified Coaches take participants on an exhilarating and life changing journey that is intense, revealing, nurturing and profound.

The Quest Program, organized in groups of up to 20 gay men, draws upon the latest evidence based practices including – self-inquiry, discussions in small and large groups, sharing memories, psychological exploration, visualisation, book work, journaling, coaching, self reflection and contributions from practitioners including Brené Brown, Alan Downs and David Richo.

During the process, participants get to grieve the past, release thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving them, and practice new behaviours and beliefs that move them forward to living a life of fulfillment, connection and authentic self expression.

We go to the heart of the matter by posing the question:

“How is our past negatively impacting our present and jeopardising our future?”

The Quest Program uses a map comprising of four main ‘ports of call’ as a platform to help participants better understand their past and fully step into the present:

  1. Investigate’ the past, looking at the significant moments and experiences that impacted their childhood, adolescence and early adulthood.
  2. Explore’ the present by casting a critical and inquisitive eye over their respective lives.

An opportunity to safely work through ‘remembered’ pain and ‘Release’ the underlying toxicity that can prohibit them from love and connection.

  1. By initiating valuable insights and life skills each participant begins being the true architect of their lives and ‘Cultivate’ an authentic way of day to day living.

How many days are involved?

Preparation: Participants are asked make lists of reflections in response to a daily question in the week leading up to the weekend.

Friday (7pm – 10pm): Introduction session. Preparing for the journey, setting intentions and establishing safety. Exploring significant life moments.

Saturday (10am – 6pm): Investigating – Early childhood and adolescence experiences, Exploring – Limiting Beliefs & Survival Strategies, Investigating  – Shame, Cultivating – Self Compassion + Empathy.

Sunday (10am – 5.30pm): Exploring – Adult experiences, Cultivating  – Passion, Love & Integrity, Identifying and Setting – Personal goals and Support mechanisms.

Post Weekend Exercise: A 12-day support and reflection exercise via email.

What is the premise of The Quest Program?

Workshop Sesion1. ODDLY OUT OF PLACE: Openly same-sex relationships are rarely reflected in our family of origin, nor in the families of those around us. Like all children, many of us looked around us for information, examples and guidance to help us make sense of our inner world and feel a sense of belonging, but we often found little or no evidence to match our hungry and inquisitive nature. In our search for meaning many of us had thoughts that included – Something is wrong, I don’t belong, I am alone

2. DEVELOPING LIMITING BELIEFS: Those thoughts led to beliefs that there was something wrong with us. Many of us had internal beliefs that included – I am bad, I am unloveable, I am unworthy, I am not good enough, I am a mistake, I am different

3. SURVIVAL STRATEGIES: In order to carry on with day-to-day living, we had to hide the limiting beliefs, we therefore put in place a variety of survival strategies. Many of us developed strategies that include – The Charmer,The Rebel, The Joker, The Pleaser, The Seducer, The Prince, The Chameleon

4. THE PAST IN OUR PRESENT: This journey from childhood, through adolescence and into adulthood leaves many of us still carrying unhealed emotional scars, wounds and trauma from the past, which show up in our present day experiences. These show up in a variety of ways which include – anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, risky behaviours, low self- esteem, addictions

Who is it for ?

The Quest Program is designed for gay men of all backgrounds and experiences, from personal development first timers to seasoned therapists. Diversity is important to the success of the program and this is reflected in the diverse ages, physical abilities, ethnic backgrounds and income brackets of our participants.

What can I get from participating?

Previous participants testify exceptional results including:

  • New, nurturing relationships
  • Healed family relationships
  • Improved mental and physical health
  • Positive practices and habits replacing destructive behaviours
  • Positive career changes and promotion
  • Increased creativity
  • Increased confidence
  • Intimate and supportive new friendships

Testimonials from previous participants……

“Great job! You created and maintained a unique and very special environment” – Shaun

“Revealing! Awesome! – Enrique

“Incredibly moving, challenging, intimate, transformative” – Chris

“Amazing insight into the complex issues of growing up as a gay person” – Leslie

“Positive, fun, emotional, affirming. Wholly positive and effective in making me feel ‘unstuck’ – thank you!” – Steve

“Enlightening, challenging, constructive” – Daran

“Powerful, emotional, bloody f**king difficult at times, but most of all – REWARDING. A powerful emotional roller coaster, but well guided all the way” – Chris

“A fantastic opportunity to share in people’s narratives and be part of a healing process. The helpers and facilitators were incredibly kind, warm, generous and present. Thank you. Transformational! Comforting. Moving” – Ali

“Right of passage course every gay man should do. Deep connection of the experience I and other gay men have in the challenges we face living happy, healthy and fulfilled lives” – Ben

“Challenging, scary at times. Way beyond what I was expecting.” – Martin

You can read what other participants have been saying in our ongoing “My Story” series.

Ade and DarrenFounded in 2011 by certified Coaches and Group Facilitators Ade Adeniji and Darren Brady, The Quest is a (not for profit) United Kingdom registered Social Enterprise, offering personal development programs and events for gay men. The lead facilitators for the Houston Program will be Ade & Darren.

2017 Dates for Houston

Friday 13 Oct (7pm – 10pm)
Saturday 14 Oct (10am – 6pm)
Sunday 15 Oct (10am – 5.30)


Participants are required to attend all sessions


The Lovett Center
900 Lovett Blvd.,
Houston, TX 77006

Registration Fee

Standard:    $650.00(Full Rate/Waged)
Reduced:     $550.00 (Low-Income/Student/Seniors)
Subsidized Bursary: $200.00 (Limited financial means)

Included in the registration fee:

  • Pre-Program daily reflective emails from The Quest; 7-days before the weekend
  • Participant guidebook for the Program
  • Workbook for capturing insights during the Program
  • Refreshments and lunch during the our time together
  • Post weekend 12-day group process and support
  • Joining a community of wholehearted fellow gay Questors!

51eCX2sPfnL._SL500_Read More: “Love Me As I am: Gay Men reflect on their lives” the book published by The Quest.

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