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Post-Workshop Support and Engagement – At a glance!

Workshop SesionThe Quest Workshop is a journey of cathartic release. During that process we explore the past, release some pain, investigate how we are showing up in the present and start cultivating the necessary insights to live a life of authentic self-expression.

At the end of the Weekend, many are relieved of the past to some degree. For some there was a glimpse of authentic validation which felt new and deliciously wonderful; that sense of freedom was real and the accompanying energy, positivity and love was tangible.

We recognize that after attending the Workshop, it is important to ensure that PostWorkshopparticipants have the necessary support to delve deeper into the insights glimpsed during the Weekend Exploration. It would be easy to fall back into old habits and patterns without the necessary infrastructure. Therefore, in addition to the tools explored during the weekend, here at a glance are some of the other routes offered by The Quest to keep those who have journeyed with us engaged in their own ongoing process:

The Quest Mastery – Follow-up Weekend Workshop where we  build upon the insights and self-awareness cultivated during, and since attending the initial The Quest Workshop.

The Quest WorkOUT – One-day workshop where we explore a specific theme to engage and help attendees continue in their journey of authentic self-expression.

The Power of Seven – Gay Men monthly group coaching over a 12-month period.

The Quest Bitesize – An evening designed exclusively for The Quest graduates to come together and explore issues relevant to our journey of authenticity, and to learn and discover new things that can facilitate our Quest journey.

The First Tuesday Socials – An opportunity for those who have attended The Quest Workshops to reconnect with one another and with those who wish to find out more about The Quest.

Storytelling – We recognize the power of storytelling, therefore a couple of times a year those who have journeyed with The Quest work with us in telling their stories on stage.

The Quest Annual Retreat – An opportunity to leave the city behind to reconnect with Self and Others.

Workshop Assistant – We invite those who have taken part in The Quest Workshop to re-experience the process by assisting on the workshop. If interested drop Rod Reeken an email –