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My story: Steve

My Story‘ is an ongoing series featuring previous participants of The Quest Workshop.

Steve Harding attended The Quest Workshop in June 2014…..

What brought you to The Quest Workshop?

I became aware of the work of The Quest through a mutual friend of Ade’s. Over the years I have done a fair amount of personal development work, but this has been largely one to one and I was keen to gain a new perspective on my ‘story’ through group work.

What was your experience of The Quest Workshop?

I found The Quest workshop challenging, nourishing, enlightening and overall a life-enhancing experience.

Was it what you expected? Tell us how

Elite PicI tried not to have any expectations going in to the workshop, but it certainly delivered on my desire to work within a safe and supportive group environment.

What did you get from the workshop?

The workshop gave me a fresh, and in some ways a deeper understanding of my own story, and this was due in no small part to the skill of the course leaders and facilitators – but perhaps most of all to the courageous sharing and reflections of the beautiful men in the group.

What difference has the workshop made to your life now?

My life has been enhanced by the workshop in many ways but mostly through giving me the opportunity to meet a new circle of like-minded friends with whom to share the ongoing ups and downs of our lives.

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