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My Story‘ is an ongoing series featuring previous participants of The Quest Workshop.

Jide Rowland Macaulay attended The Quest Workshop in April 2014…..

What brought you to The Quest Workshop?

First it was my curiosity to find out what was going on. I knew that I had issues, mostly especially at the time I was struggling with many undecided matters about my sexuality and importantly decisions about my future. Deciding how to deal with issues with my “family of origin”, dealing with both internalized anger and external abuses, my religious community and reconciling my sexuality as a black gay man of faith, and of Nigeria descent.

What was your experience of The Quest Workshop?

Extreme, candid and authentic, extremely genuine and a life saving experience. Whilst I have attended numerous workshops about being gay and life, The Quest workshop stood out as exceptional, and I have since challenged myself to build on what I have learnt, so I can move forward positively.

Was it what you expected? Tell us how

JideIt was far from what I expected, it superseded my expectations; there were times I was afraid that I would fail, I would rescind to my old ways of being unkind and inauthentic, however I have gained so much power in relating well to being myself and I am now in place where I can truly share all of my experiences in positive ways as a homosexual man – without apology. The trainers and assistants ability to genuinely support every person was unique; every cord and emotions of my being were tested, and I so much appreciate the outcome.

What did you get from the workshop?

The ability to be truly myself, be brave and own the present and future. The ability to relate, reconcile the past to the present and build on the future. Learning from other peoples experiences was also a very useful part of the workshop.

What difference has the workshop made to your life now?

The workshop has helped in many ways in the way that I make decisions today, the ability to say ‘Yes’ and or ‘No’. The authentic nature of getting rid of guilt and accepting all the good things in life, and work on changing the bad things in my life. Never to regret being a loving gay man – regardless of external pressures and attitude.

Public Health England (PHE) has commissioned The Quest to deliver its flagship “The Quest Workshop” to Black African, Black Caribbean, mixed Black and other ethnicity gay and bisexual men who have sex with men (MSM). To find out more or to register, click here.

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