I am your Quest

Posted on September 4, 2012 by The Quest

Who are you?

I am your Quest.


I am your Quest.

What does that mean?

It means I am your story

My ‘story’? What is ‘my story’?

Your story is the journey you are taking.

So my story is my journey and that is my Quest?


Wow! I’m talking to my Quest, that’s incredible. Can I ask you anything?

Of course. That’s what I’m here for, I’m your Quest and you can ask me any Question you like.

Oh my god! This is incredible. Ok, so , I’m going ask you will I be happy?

Happiness is important to you and you want it, so you will have it.

Will it last?

You are fearful of losing it so you will lose it.

But it will come back?

Yes, because you want it to come back.

Ok, let me try something else. Will I be in love?

Yes you will be in love because you want to be in love.

And the other person will love me back?

Yes they will love you back because you require that

But it will be painful at some point?

Yes. Your fear is it will be painful so it will be.

Hang on a minute, your just repeating back to me exactly what I’m telling you! Your not really my Quest, your just an echo of my thoughts aren’t you?

Yes I am an echo of your thoughts.

There you go again! Your just repeating what I’m telling you.




Well? Have you got nothing to say?

I am your Quest. I will always answer your Questions. What is your Question?

Are you inside me?

Yes I am inside you.

Are you, me?

Yes I am you.

Then why am I talking to you?

You are talking to me because you want to.

But if your inside me and you are me why do I need to talk to you?

Because you have lots of questions you want answering.

Oh. And you will answer them?

Yes, of course that is my job. I am your Quest and I answer your Questions.

Oh. Ok. Great.




Oh, I see. I need to ask you questions to have a conversation with you?


Oh. Right. Erm, will I live to be old?

You wish to live to be old and you will do things to ensure you are able to do so

What kind of things will I do?

You are unsure what you will do

So how will I know what to do?

You will ask questions

What kind of questions will I ask?

Questions like this

What do you mean?

You will ask questions like ‘what kind of questions will I ask in order to live to be old’?

And what are those questions?

You will want other people to tell you what the questions are that you need to ask yourself.

Dam! This is frustrating!

You will be frustrated on your Quest.

Because I want others to tell me the questions?


Dam! So I need to create my own questions?

You need to create your own Questions.

So why do I need you?

Good question. You start questioning the need for me in order to ask Questions.

But if I didn’t have you I wouldn’t be having this conversation now and I would not have met my Quest.







How am I doing?

You are concerned.

What am I concerned about?

You are concerned about how you are doing.

How does that affect me?

It makes you ask more questions

That’s not an answer! Your just repeating things back to me!

It is making you angry and frustrated and you are starting to blame others.

I’m blaming you.

Yes you are.

This is impossible!

You are beginning to think that your Quest is impossible.

Oh my god, just shut up!

You are trying to shut me up

Yes I am! Be quiet.






I’m sorry, will you still talk to me?

Yes, I am your Quest and I will answer all your Questions.

Thank you. I’m sorry for being so upset. Will you forgive me?

You will look for forgiveness in me and others.

Is that wrong?

You will think that asking for forgiveness is wrong

So is it?

You will want someone else to give you the answer.

So I need to answer my own questions?

You need to answer your own questions.

Ok, so I will answer that asking for forgiveness is wrong.




Oh, I forgot, I need to ask you a question….. I don’t think that asking for forgiveness is wrong, I think that it is right. Can I do that? Can I change my mind just like that?

You will come up with one answer and you will replace it with others and you will still be unsure of whether you are able to do that.

So I could just decide that it is ok to do that?

You start considering that you have the power to choose how to think.

That feels good. This feels better. What comes next?

You start to feel good and this encourages you to move forward and ask what’s next.

Well I can ask you anything, so it’s up to me.

You can ask me anything and it’s up to you.

Wow! I love this! Ok…. will everything be alright?

You want everything to be alright.

But will it be alright

You want others to decide if it will be alright

But that means that I am putting my future in the hands of others! I don’t want that. I want to choose. Can I choose?

You want to choose but your unsure if that is possible

And is it?

You still want someone else to give you the answers

Damm! I’m back to the same place again. Why do I keep doing that?

Your frustrated that you are going back to an old way of thinking and you are wondering why you do that.

Well it’s a habit. I do it because it’s a habit. How do I break a habit.

You are looking at how to break a habit

Yes. I keep asking others to answer my questions, I keep looking outside of myself for the answers and it does not work and it’s a habit. Can I break this habit?

You want to break this habit.

Can I do it?

You are unsure of your own power

Where can I get the power?

You are looking to get power from somewhere

Yes! Where do I find it?

You think that power is somewhere to be found

That sounds ridiculous. The power is within me, it’s not sitting on a park bench somewhere. Why is my power so hidden inside me?

You think you have power inside you you but you think it is hidden to you

It is hidden, it doesn’t come out when I need it. Why does it stay hidden?

You want the power to show itself but you think it is hiding

Yes. What can I do to bring it out?

You have decided you want to bring it out.

Yes! Of course! I want it to be out so I can use it and I can do lots of great things and have a great life. That’s obvious isn’t it?

You think it is obvious that you can use your power and that this will enable you to do great things and have a great life.

Yes, I do. I can. I just need to find the power within me. Where is it?

You are looking for the power within yourself

Yes. I have found it before but it was only for a brief period of time and then it hid again. How can I make it appear for longer?

You want to be in your power for longer periods of time and you are looking to find ways of making that happen.

Yes I am. I think I can find it. I just need to keep looking at it so it does not disappear. Does that make sense?

Your unsure again

I am aren’t I! I do that a lot too. That’s another habit. Can I break that habit? Hold on! Don’t answer! Let me think about my question for a moment. What did I find out last time?

You found out that you have the power within you and you will find it if you keep looking.

That’s right, that’s what we discussed just now. This is beginning to make sense. I am asking questions and through asking questions I am becoming clearer about how things work. I am finding my own answers! Do I still need you then?

You are wondering if you need me

Yes I am. Maybe I can just do this on my own without asking any questions to you?

You want to be alone and self sufficient.

No, I don’t want to be alone. I like talking to you. This is helping me.

You like talking to me and you can see it is working.

Yes I do. So I am going to continue. This is good. In fact this is great! Thank you Quest!


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