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Group Coaching

The Power of Seven

Experience the power and wisdom of group coaching over a 12 month period.

It’s an affordable way of gaining a monthly check-in with a coach and six other motivated individuals. Using a simple and effective process you will explore the challenges and aspirations, the obstacles and opportunities available to you.

Taking part in The Power of Seven means that you will:

  • Gain clarity around issues that confuse or challenge you
  • Identify solutions to dilemmas and problems
  • Discover new ways of viewing aspects of your life
  • Become accountable and productive
  • Feel positive and energised
  • Gain supportive and intimate new friends.

The group, once formed, will be closed (i.e not open to others) and will meet once a month over a 12 month period.

Members of the group will have the opportunity to share with the group, listen and support each other and have 1-2-1 input from the facilitating coach. You will also benefit from regular email support in-between sessions. A 1-1 session with the coach will take place between session 6 – 7 to review the journey to-date.

Meeting: Once a month – 7.00pm – 10.00pm

Location: Central London

Duration: 12 sessions (1 year)

Cost: £1,000 (Waged); £700 (Low Waged/Unwaged); £400 (Bursary)

Payment: In full or in 2 equal payments – (alternative arrangements can be made by request )

Group: Gay Men only

Commencing: We currently offer 4 groups per year.

Places are limited to 6 participants.    Interested?     Want more information?


This past twelve months has been off the scale for me in so many ways. With the love, commitment and support of my Power of 7 group, who consistently held me to account, this has been an extraordinary period in my life.

The major highlight has been to meet, fall in love with and to enter into an authentic, mature relationship with the man of my dreams – my soul mate. While the group was not directly responsible for this, their presence, input and goodwill have made a profound difference in my journey with my future husband. I don’t think I could have found the courage, humility and self discipline to leave old habits behind without their support.

The next thing I’m most grateful to the Power of 7 for is the level of personal authenticity I’ve been able to step into and embrace this past year. The process toward authenticity will be a lifelong pursuit, but I believe I’ve taken a giant step in the right direction. I’m more proud of the progress I’ve made in the private moments that nobody else witnesses and in the personal choices I’ve made, than in the more visible achievements. I’m learning to be more of the man I say I am and less of the man I’ve pretended to be.

I cannot recommend this unique and powerful process highly enough. If you want to build momentum and velocity into the areas of your life that really matter to you, this could be just what you’ve been waiting for! Are you up to the challenge?

Peter Collins
Business Consultant
Quest Graduate Dec 2012