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Francois Lubbe

BA Theatre/ Acting — Drama & Speech; Web/Graphic Design Diploma

My journey so far… include three relationships, a period of drug abuse, a period of sexual abstinence, a period of religious fanaticism, a period of sexual indulgence and a decade of avoidance. Now, I am looking at the man in the mirror quietly and with a new curiosity.

My colleagues would describe me as… painfully organised and a bit grumpy but that’s just to protect the cuddly inside. Straight to the point, with a very dry sense of humour. Happy to walk the extra mile as long as I can do it with a hop, a skip and a jump… in other words: dance to my own song.

The Quest has enabled me to… start exploring my full potential as a gay man. I no longer hide away from the things I am passionate about. Ultimately, I ask myself: “How do people relate to me? Is it in kindness and with understanding or do I feel emotionally unsafe in their company? What summons me to build a personal relationship with another person? Can I add inspiration and wholesomeness to his or her life and do they bring the best out in me in return?”

What makes your approach different?
I don’t think my approach is different to anybody else’s. It really comes down to: What works for you on a personal level. However, I do believe that a better future is rooted in understanding one’s past.

To me, community is… not just a group of people bound by geography, but more importantly a group of people with a common history, goals, vision and values.

My motto for life… On your journey, experience as much as you can but try not to harm yourself and others along the way.

Most likely to spend my down time… reading, writing, painting, photography and watching documentaries.

Your words of wisdom for the curious but unsure
If you have moments of wondering ‘Why is this happening again in my life?’, then you are already aware of the reoccurring patterns in your life. The next step is to explore what behaviours and motivations lie behind those patterns. Once you understand these, you’ll be surprised at the possibilities unfolding in front of you.

Toast – the story of a boy’s hunger by Nigel Slater

Tori Amos, Tracy Chapman, David Gray, Bon Ivor, Gary Jules, Hadar Manor, John Grant.

Really varies – I’m really into docu-dramas on any subject.

I am like a swarm of locusts… I will almost eat anything as along as it is fresh and not processed.

Not a keen drinker, but if you’re able to twist my arm, I will enjoy a glass of Pinotage.