Complaints Procedure

The Quest is committed to delivering a high quality of service and encourages our workshop/event participants/attendees to tell us where they think our services could be improved.

At the same time it is expected that in raising possible concerns participants/attendees themselves will have observed and undertaken their obligations to the workshop/event and through an openly dialogic approach.

Should a complaint be lodged, the Co-Founders of The Quest will deal with these in the following ways:

  • Be fair and efficient
  • Treat all complaints seriously, with empathy and understanding
  • Make every effort to facilitate an early resolution
  • Take the complaint to the Non-Executive Board should the need arise

In order to make a complaint the participant/attendee must write a letter and email it to The subject heading should say “Complaint”.

Examples of the type of complaints which you may make:

  • Misinformation about your workshop
  • The behaviour of a facilitator
  • Harassment by a facilitator or workshop assistant

It is hoped that any complaint can be resolved quickly and to mutual satisfaction of all parties. In the event that it cannot, the Co-Founders and participant/attendee concerned will employ the services of an external consultant to hear the complaint. Their decision will be final and both Co-Founders and participant/attendee will submit in writing that they will adhere to the findings of the consultant.