Code of Ethics

The Mission of The Quest is – To transform the relationships gay men have with themselves and the world they inhabit.

The core values at the heart of our work play a fundamental role in how we engage with the participants who engage in our work and the services we provide. Our values are –

  • Community / Connection
  • Rigor / Depth
  • Openness / Expression
  • Courage/ Support
  • Love / Compassion
  • Value / Worth
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Play
  • Commitment

The Quest respects the dignity and uniqueness of all individuals. We are committed to the integrity of the individual and the promotion of human growth, development and welfare. We affirm the self-determination, personal power and self-responsibility of everyone who participates in our work.

We are concerned for the best interests of each person who participates in our work. All our coaches, facilitators and those who offer support on our behalf use their skills and knowledge only for purposes consistent with our values and do not knowingly permit their misuse by others.

The Quest does not practice, condone, facilitate or collude with any form of discrimination on the basis of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, marital status, political belief, mental or physical disability any other preference or personal characteristic, condition or status.

We honour the trust between those who attend our sessions and ourselves, and promise to hold any personal information in the strictest confidence within the law. The same applies to our group settings, so that a safe space is created for heartfelt sharing.

We understand the importance of practicing what we preach, and agree to uphold the ethical, values and practical principles of The Quest.

In order to create a safe space for those who engage in our work, we aim to be sensitive and respectful in expressing physical affection. We are mindful of the power our position as coach and facilitator may bring, we therefore undertake to refuse absolutely sexual relationships with our workshop participants.

Since we strive for integrity, we understand the importance of not misleading others about the services we can offer, and not exaggerating our professional achievements. Further, we commit ourselves to open and just dealings in all of our financial transactions.