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Broadcasting Ourselves

Today at 4.37pm Scott, aged 5, looked at a Christmas brochure and pointed to a doll set. It includes ‘realistic’ doll, clothes, hair accessories and a dressing table. His eyes lit up and he jabbed the picture shouting “me, me, me for Mistmas ”

It was 10.14 am when Jason, aged 12, spotted David in to school corridor. Heart beating, Jason approached and stuttered…”See you at morning break?”

Dwayne, aged 8 has made a Xmas card for his teacher Mr Brown. His pen hovers over the greeting he is writing inside. He hesitates before writing “love” in front of the “from Dwayne”

Stephan, aged 6, chooses the red umbrella over the black one as he leaves the house with his aunt during the blustery afternoon.

Sam, aged 7, hovers in the room where the men are laughing and jesting with each other, he doesn’t want to be seen nor leave the spot.

Abdul, aged 11, has happened upon a TV show that makes him stop flicking channels, he watches intently as the boys on screen have a jealous argument.

TJ takes Micheal’s hand, John mimes to lady Ga Ga for the next door neighbour, Ben spins and twirls, Tahir plays in the Wendy house, Alex helps him mum with the baking…

Tom brings Tyrone home for supper after school and Wayne asks Ted to go to the school disco with him.

In London, aged 19, Tom films himself on his new phone and talks about his new boyfriend, which he then posts on YouTube.

Darren Brady

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