Braving the Wilderness: an update!

Posted on August 7, 2018 by The Quest

It’s hard to imagine being all alone halfway up a mountainside or deep in a valley, but thats exactly where Daniel Havlicek has been for a whole month now trekking 1,000 km to raise money for The Quest.

Part of me is frightened by the prospect and part of me is jealous – how Daniel will emerge from this adventure is unknown but one thing is for sure: it will transform something within him.

Watch another video message from Daniel from Mount Whitney:

The physical courageousness required by him reminds me of the psychological courageousness taken by everyone who has been on The Quest Program. So it is apt that monies raised from this
crowd funding endeavour will help us to provide a specific Quest Program geared towards under 25 year olds.

Similar to the BAME (Black + Minority Ethnic) Quest programs that we delivered a few years ago, monies raised will enable young people to attend and to explore with other gay men of a similar age.

The program is at its most powerful when the stories shared resonate with the group.

That is where the deep healing begins.

Please support Daniel on his quest

Please consider supporting Daniel in his daring commitment by pledging some money on his crowd funding page, it will put a spring in his step as he completes the 2 month trek.

Please donate now

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