Life In Colour

Posted on August 14, 2012 by The Quest

Life In Colour

Red and yellow and pink and blue, purple & orange and green…

Life is always a little more exciting, fulfilling and invigorating when you see it open to new possibilities – this reflects the theme and essence for our blog.

It’s a chance for us to share with you our stream of consciousness, thoughts, musings and social commentary on the world which we inhabit. Sometimes, it may even be a space for us to get something off our chest.

In typical ‘Quest’ style – this blog is as much yours as it is ours, which is why you will see a load of different voices and points of view shared in this space. In fact, if you have something you would like to write for our blog then please feel free to send us a brief synopsis of the topic to us at

Meanwhile check out the videos below where we talk more about The Quest and some of the men who have been on the journey share their experience.

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