Our Community

One of the ways in which we like to think of community is the “meaningful interaction between people”. So at The Quest we are always delighted when guys keep in contact, arrange to meet up and create ideas that move things along. We strongly believe that the more active this interaction the greater the possibility of creating a new way of being for gay men. We are the first to encourage people to step forward, take responsibility and drive initiative forward.

That is how the Book, ‘Love me as I am‘ was created by Francois and how the Storytelling project was established by Paul.

If you have ideas or want to become involved in The Quest, we are keen to hear from you! engage@thequestawaitsyou.com

The Quest really helped me to look at myself, and past pain, with honesty, non-
judgment, so I could move forward with more integrity. Achieved so much in just
one weekend.
- Sunny
As an only recently ‘out’ middle-aged gay man, with little experience of what it means to be gay, this workshop dismantled stereotypes and gave me the strength and courage to find the new authentic me.
- Mark
Spending a weekend with gay men in a structured, challenging and therapeutic environment surpassed al of my expectations. I have found it transformational and looking forward to putting it into action.
- David
Highly valuable. Chance to make a big shift in my life.
- Michael
I'd recommend this to anyone who's ready to ask some questions about why they behave as they do. It's challenging at times, but deeply rewarding. Darren and Ade are a class act!
- David
Interesting, enigmatic and enlightening
- Jonathan
A life changing experience that shows that there is a caring gay community.
- Thomas
Once your personal life is in order, the rest of your life will prosper.
- Grant
A powerful weekend which exceeded my expectations.
- Dan
I was able to connect with other gay men in a way that I haven't before.
- Jose
Thoroughly recommended. Every gay man should attend
- Ian
Ade & Darren really listened and helped me get in touch with my true self and values. The Quest is a unique program which offers a real opportunity for a positive paradigm shift in thinking and behaviour
- Robert
Take a risk and do the workshop, its exciting, humbling and encouraging
- Tim
The workshop was brilliantly paced and facilitated with genuine warmth and compassion. Ade and Darren were amazingly insightful. I feel so priviledged and blessed to have been a part of this process. I am forever changed
- Rob
"You can only find peace when you are able to put together ALL the pieces" Troy Dunn. This course was the first piece of my jigsaw to become whole
- James
An emotionally demanding, but rewarding experience
- Mark
I've gained much greater clarity as to why I have followed certain pathways in my life
- Stephen
I was unsure about The Quest. I left exhausted, drained and enlightened. Mind opening, fun, hard, fascinating. Thank you
- Phil
It felt like my third coming out. After coming out of the closet, then out of the HIV closest and finally and powerfully coming out of the closest I had made for myself in which I was suffocating. Thank you guys
- Paul
As someone who has become disheartened by the commercial gay scene I was impressed with the workshop and the way it reminded me that gay men have a depth of experience, an integrity and a nobility that is second to none.
- Ian
Powerful, effective workshop with highly professional, experienced and compassionate facilitators. The weekend has been life changing and I’m feeling more connected and integrated with myself and family.
- Peter