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Darren Brady

Qualifications. BA Honours, PGCE, Co-active coach ( Coaches Training Institute) Accredited facilitator ( Stanford University ), Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator-Candidate

My journey so far…
An adventurous life taking me far from my humble working class Manchester roots. Travelled the world, creating projects in my path. Swerved and glided between teaching, mentoring, coaching and creating businesses. I found a new home in London over 20 years ago and find daily nourishment from it’s diversity and rich atmosphere of thoughts and ideas.

My colleagues would describe me as…
Annoyingly contrary. I can be serious and intense one minute and flippant and humorous the next. I demand that any task, job or responsibility be imbued with fun and passion.

The Quest has enabled me…
To stay in a rich and deeply satisfying life conversation. It constantly reveals new insights and revelations and helps me to live life with vibrancy.

What makes your approach different
The courage to go to scary places safely.

To me, community is… what we choose to create

My motto for life… because life is too short

Most likely to spend my down time… Thinking up new projects, schemes, ideas and notions

Your words of wisdom for the curious but unsure
Put your worries to the side and give things a go.

A short history of nearly everything’ by Bill Bryson

Whatever my ‘shuffle’ chooses

Modern family on DVD ( don’t watch TV )

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