Key Players


We attribute a big part of our growth to the contributions of our participants. Rather than adopt a ‘teacher/student’ style relationship, we consider your involvement an integral part of our relationship and The Quest’s ongoing journey.

The rest can be attributed to the dynamic and congruent team of facilitators that we are proud to work side by side with on each project. The biggest difference in our approach is that our team are just like you – we aren’t super human, highly evolved, over educated LEADERS that will eradicate you of all your problems after spending a short time with us, but we are gay men who are confronted with the same challenges you find yourself facing in your day to day life – and maybe (just maybe), we might have a different perspective and approach to dealing with it that you might like to hear about (or visa versa).

If you would like to know more about our team – then click on their names to hear their point of view:

Ade (Co-Founder and Group Facilitator)
Darren (Co-Founder and Group Facilitator)
Francois (Editor, ‘Love Me As I Am’)