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The first step towards contentment is the awareness and appreciation that everyone is different. We therefore understand that each person who decides to embark on The Quest will have a different motivation for participating.

Some see us as a voice of reason, others as Life Coaches or a sounding board. Most see us as a powerful and engaging platform to connect with an extraordinary caliber of gay men who are looking beyond the emotional wounds, baggage and other hang-ups that can impact our everyday lives.

We could try to impress you with a sales pitch about why you should be involved – filled with sweeping statements, big promises and quotes from self help guru – but that’s not who we are, or what you need.

So, rather than trying to tell you what we are, we thought it would be more helpful for you to know what we’re not!

  • A flash in the pan operation that jumped on the band wagon of the latest craze
  • Set in our ways and closed to new possibilities
  • Saying that there is anything AT ALL wrong with the person you are
  • Going to forget about you once the workshop ends. You might be out of sight but you’re always front of mind
  • A organization of contradictions – we walk the walk
  • In it for the money or the fame
  • Preachy, judgemental, opinionated, or perfect
  • Going to promise you that you wont find aspects of our work confronting, emotional, scary and incredibly personal.
  • A substitute for Therapy (in fact, if you are, we suggest you discuss your attendance with your therapist to ensure that this is the right step for you.)

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Click here to read a feature about The Quest that appeared in the March 2013 issue of ‘Out in the City‘ magazine.

The Quest is a registered Community Interest Company (CIC).