UnLtd: “The Black social entrepreneur supporting gay, bisexual and queer men to live their best lives”

By: Veronica Gordon

The third blog in our 2021 series which spotlights Black social entrepreneurs shaping history through their impactful ventures. This blog has been produced by UnLtd Award Winner Veronica Gordon, founder of Our Version Media CIC – a social enterprise dedicated to increasing positive and authentic representation of Black and marginalised communities in the south.

“As a as a Black gay man, I didn’t come out until I was 27. I’d really love to make it much easier for people who are coming after me. That’s what motivates me in terms of leaving the landscape in a slightly better place than I found it.”

Adé Adéniji is one half of The Quest Collective C.I.C, a social enterprise on a mission to help gay, bisexual and queer men to be their authentic selves and live their best lives.

(This article is reproduced from UnLtd’s blog).

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