Our Mission

Posted on August 16, 2012 by The Quest

The Quest’s mission is simple – to help gay, bi and queer men better understand and transform the relationships they have with themselves, others and the world they inhabit.

We believe the true value of our work can be found in the lives of the participants, so our approach is as flexible, diverse and authoritive as you want it to be.

The core values at the heart of our work play a fundamental role in how we conduct business and provide service.

Exist with awareness, acceptance and a greater confidence to live your life ‘in colour’ by understanding your past, fully embracing your present and creating a future that is authentic.

Leadership, Inspiration, and Positive Change
 by consistently offering our wealth of professional experience, creativity to inspire, passion for our work, and a genuine openess to critical feedback that inspires change.

The courage to seek authentic relationships and ultimately affect change within the wider community, where each individual possess the support, knowledge, courage and commitment to make a difference.

A supportive, safe and social environment made up of equals, in which compassion and the desire for personal betterment fosters an atmosphere of honestly, authenticity and genuine growth.

Integrity, accountability and our commitment to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients, by always being the very best we can be.

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